Is Carb-Cycling OK for an epileptic?

I shared on my Instagram yesterday that I had a non-Keto frozen green smoothie bowl. It was DELICIOUS and I have zero regrets about it just because it was so nutrient dense and what I needed at the time. I was craving fruits and decided to “listen to my body” and “carb-up” the healthy wholefood kind of way.

Eight days ago I had a seizure due to changing my Zonegran dose again (the medicine makes me so tired and we’re adjusting my dose to try to counter that). I’ve definitely still felt a bit off since – tired, exhausted and now spaced out following the seizure. BUT it was just that one seizure *I HOPE*!

So as my brain and mind sorted itself out and found its feet, I lost my appetite. And when I got it back a bit, all I craved was good hearty whole food. Hence this frozen pineapple, spinach, ginger, turmeric, almond milk smoothie bowl! NO FILTER, it’s that green!


I KNOW it isn’t OK for an epileptic to carb-up on Keto

I’m aware that the tiniest bit of excess sugar/carbs for an epileptic could mean a seizure. Post seizure I did fast and I was in ketosis and I did stay keto for quite a few days.

But I’m a girl that always listens to her heart as well as her head (unfortunately or fortunately). I weighed it up and the usual “carb alternatives” just weren’t making me happy, and I just needed a simple green smoothie.

I think my body was probably crying out for nutrition which I think I need to work on improving because I feel so much better this morning. I think I should probably make more effort to have a Keto Green Smoothie a day. 

I’m yet to see a dietician (still waiting for my appointment), but perhaps the occasional healthy carb-cycle could work for me as long as I avoid white sugar and processed/junk food. *Watch this space!!!*

Since this Monday morning I’ve been back on the lifestyle again but I think I really need to review my options and discuss with a dietician. This link has some information on the types of ketogenic diets for epilepsy.



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