My name is Ananya (close friends and family know me as Ria) and this blog is meant to be a personal documentation of my experience of managing epilepsy through a ketogenic diet as well as yoga. I’ve written a whole separate post on my reasons for going on the keto diet! But in short:

I’ve had epilepsy for over 50% my life (I’m 32 at the time of writing), and much of it was spent on a medication called Epilim, that shouldn’t have been given to women of child bearing age. I wasn’t aware of that until I had a seizure at Delhi airport just before boarding an early morning flight in 2014.

That was a turning point in many ways and the beginning of a series of drug changes over three years (Keppra to Lamictal and now Zonegran). In January 2017, following a few seizures during my transition to Zonegran, my fabulous new neurologist told me about the Ketogenic diet. It took a few months of research and observing my dad on the dad (for other health/weight reasons), and the rest is history!

I’m still learning about the diet and lifestyle every day, and I hope to record recipes and share useful reading / information (with references) on this blog.

If there’s anything you’d like to read on this blog, or if you’d like to have a chat, please do get in touch.